Our Story

The essence of Casa Z is in our name. Casa Z means Home Z in portuguese, it’s the initial command to start any 3D print; it’s the starting point, when our projects and ideas leave the paper and take shape in 3 dimensions.

But Casa Z is also about our homes and daily lives. we believe the best way to decorate is to put our own heart on our houses. And that’s why we create unique products with exclusive designs, that enable you to reinforce your personality within your home decor. 

Merging technology and creativity with identity.

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much more than beautiful products

Exclusive Design

Everything you see here you can only find in here! Our products are designed and manufactured by ourselves, with new product launches often. You can see our new products and much more at our Instagram: @casazdecor.com

3D Printed

We use 3D printing technology to expand the limits of design and create unique pieces, manufactured exclusively for you. Our factory is in the U.S and every product is shiped from our factory from us, directly to you.

Eco-Friendly Material

Our produtcs are all made using PLA plastic, that are bio-degradable and doesn’t harm the environment. Differently than traditional plastics, that are derived from oil, the PLA is a compostable bioplastic derived from corn starch or sugar cane.