A Guide On Making Your First Halloween Terrarium

Top view of two pumpkins on the ground.

Photo by Toni Cuenca

Decorating your gardening pots in time for the spooky season allows you to unleash your creative juices. You will learn how to make your themed terrarium for the coming Halloween celebrations.

If you aren’t familiar with a terrarium, it’s a transparent, enclosed miniature garden composed of different plants used to house animals. Usually, turtles, semi-terrestrial, or terrestrial animals are kept in such conditions.

But what if you want a decorative terrarium?

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to show off your creative skills, especially if you want to create a terrarium that fits the haunted theme. You don’t have to feel restricted by the materials that you need. As long as you get the basics down, you’ll do fine creating a terrarium that blends perfectly with the season.

Making Your First Halloween Terrarium

Living plants paired with horrific décor might not be striking enough, but you can pull it off with the proper setup. Making terrariums have so much room for experimentation, so there’s a limitless possibility of what you can create, especially if it’s a specific theme.

In this guide, you’ll learn essential tips for setting up your first terrarium to help gear up your creativity for a spooky horticultural agenda.

1 – Plot The Theme

A terrarium has a story to tell. What do you envision when making a Halloween aesthetic? It could be whatever you have in mind, like a cozy autumn theme or a scary—looking graveyard. You can even make a terrarium of a zombie apocalypse. Terrarium concepts have no bounds, so you can go all out with the ideas as much as you want. As long as it evokes the Halloween spirit, the terrarium will fit right in. if you find it hard to get inspiration, try getting it from your favorite shows or films which are horror-centric.

2 – Choose The Perfect Color Scheme

A well-balanced color scheme results in a harmonious-looking terrarium. For starters, you can try mixing in a bold splash of color using purple, orange, and black since they bring in a lot of Halloween energy which coincides with the theme. To make your terrarium look more haunting or spooky, try using colored aquarium gravel and use it for the drainage layer. You can even use them for open terrarium projects. Top them off with dyed and preserved moss to complete the Halloween look with pops of color.

3 – Pick The Right Container Pot

Terrariums are commonly done in glass pots or containers since the layers of soil and sand can be seen more in that way. But when creating a limited-time theme like Halloween, wouldn’t you prefer to do it regardless of where the terrarium is contained? You can create one even without a clear container. There are various regular pots available that you can use to make your terrarium.

Another thing you need to know is that there are two types of terrarium containers – glassware with a closed terrarium lid and a glass vase or container with no lid called an open terrarium

If you want to create your twist on the classic terrarium, you can get 3D-printed pots in Texas from Casa Z Décor. They offer various pot containers you can choose from. Plus, they add a fun and exciting charm to your home or office space. Make your home accessories more alive, especially for the upcoming spooky season. Casa Z Décor features their signature special edition bobs with Halloween masks, including their ‘BatBob’ collection. They also have their Spooky the Ghost lamp, which can be perfect to set the Halloween spirit. 

Scouring For Halloween Materials And Accessories

After coming up with ideas for your Halloween terrarium, you need to gather accessories which will also be the highlight. It is the most crucial part when making themed terrariums since they will serve as the pinpoint and tell-tale sign that you are making a Halloween terrarium.

Purchase Pieces That Are Ready-Made

You don’t have to make everything from scratch for a Halloween terrarium, including the accessories. You can find these accessories in any arts and crafts section in a store, and they are also not that expensive. Here are some Halloween accessories you can try adding to your terrarium:

  • Skull heads or figures
  • Ghosts
  • Pumpkin toys
  • Gravestones
  • Fairy lights
  • Miniature Halloween signage
  • Synthetic twigs

Create The Accessories Yourself

If you love crafting, then this option is also doable! An oven-hardening clay is a perfect material for creating the accessories you need for the terrarium. Don’t be afraid to try creating décor that would suit the Halloween terrarium you have in mind. It will let you exercise creative freedom and heavily reflect on your first Halloween terrarium.

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